Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!

Well, I saw HBP at midnight, July 14 with my best friend. And I got to say, it was amazing. Better then to five one, I hate that one but not as much and three.

Anyway, I won't go into detail for anyone who hasn't seen it and plan on it.

I then though, saw it again that Saturday with my best friend and my mom. Still awesome.

I am a bit disappointed about a few things, not how it went in the book. But there are also tons of funny bits that were priceless.

I'm going to write a super long post today for the reason of not posting spoilers.

But go see it if you haven't and if you have... go see it again!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

POTC 1, 2, & 3

Pirates of the Caribbean
1, 2, & 3

POTC or Pirates as I call it, is just what the title says, a pirate movie. But not just any pirate movie. It is about a certain pirate by the name of Captain Jack Sparrow (played by the ever wonderful, Johnny Depp) and his crazy adventures. His intensions are rarely known and he seems to do everything for himself. And then there's Will Turner (played by the very hot Orlando Bloom), the blacksmith turned pirate in ordered to save the girl he loves, Elizabeth Swann (played by the lovely Keira Knightley).

On their first adventure during the first moive, Curse of the Black Pearl, Jack is trying to get his ship back, the Black Pearl, Will is trying to save Elizabeth, who had been kiddnapped by Captain Barbossa the current owner of the Black Pearl, with the help from Jack. Now, Barbossa's crew and himself are under a curse. They want the gold coin Will has and they need his blood.

I won't really tell you anymore if you wish to see the movie.

In Dead Man's Chest, Cutler Beckket, a rather sinister man, wants Jack's compass which points to the thing you want most, not North. Will and Elizabeth are sentenced to hang but if Will brings Beckket the compass, they'll go free. And there's Davy Jones, an evil pirate, the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Davy Jones wants Jack and Jack just wants rum.

Again, I won't ruin the ending.

At World's End, well, if I tell you, i'll ruin it and the last one so just go watch them, they're great. Funny, adventurous, a tad scary but overall great films.