Wednesday, September 16, 2009


*Small Breaking Dawn spoiler*

I thought it was time I start talking about music other then Tokio Hotel (not that I really talked about them that much.... yet ;])
So I'll start with a band my Dad turned me to. Muse. He has one of their CDs and he told me to give it a listen. So I did and I liked it. But not that much. But then, Twilight came out (long story there for another time) and I got reintroduced to them. I have a song of theirs that I want to put out out there.

I heard of it on a Twlight podcast. A listener had this to say about the four movie in the saga.

"... If they had to split the movie [Breaking Dawn], it would be really cool if ending it just like in the book when Jacob's book ends. The last few minutes of the movie should be the birth mayhem, Bella's heartbeat would stop and the screen would fade to black. Then when all the people in the audience, who haven't read the book, think Bella is dead, the sound of her racing, changing heart beat would start back up and there would be a two second clip of her red eyes flashing open. Then the credits would start right after that playing the song 'New Born' by Muse."

So there you have it, where I first heard of the song. If you haven't read the book, you wouldn't get it but anyway...

Muse is a great band. They're sound is so different.

More music to come, stay tuned...